Monday, June 6, 2011

The Abandoned Blog

I have a talent for starting blogs and posting enthusiastically for a few weeks...then it dwindles to a post every few months...and finally the shifting sands of the Internet bury my long neglected musings. I was reminded of this blog when I noticed that my Second Life profile expected a URL for a website in order to consider itself complete.

So, herewith, a quick update: I'm still in SL, and Tech and I still have our island. The Homestead price seems to be grandfathered in at $95, for now. Magi is no more, and the coffee house has moved a couple of times. My gallery is now at Hennepin; I'm planning on a rebuild that will incorporate the coffee house.

My typist finally got a full-time job in July of last year, having honed some new skills by doing freelance work. Of course, having a job means there's less time for blogging and building. I think I need an alt or two in RL!