Monday, February 18, 2008

Ack! A Meme!

I usually don't do memes, but this one's pretty quick and will help push that shallow entry about my avatar's evolution in appearance down the page.

1. Do you remember the first person who helped you in SL, and are you still in contact with that person?

I can think of two people who helped me early on. One was a child named Haley who dropped decent freebie hair, skin, and and outfit on me and told me about flexi skirts. I'm not in touch with her. The other would be my friend Alter, who helped me understand the technical ins and outs of SL and made sure I had an AO so I didn't walk like a duck. We still chat and visit, although not very often.

2. Do you stick around in SL for business, or for the people?

The people, primarily. I enjoy having a business, but the connection with friends is what makes being in SL worthwhile.

3. Who is the most positive influence in your SL?

That would have to be the guy I call Tech. We can talk for hours, often having the same thought at the same time. He has a rational and loving approach to SL; I know I can turn to him when other people turn up the dial on the drama machine. He understands alts, roleplay, and the boundaries between SL and RL. And if I need technical help with SL or a script written, he's the answer man.

4. Is there someone who makes you roll your eyes and groan when they IM you or if you run into them somewhere?

Oh, yeah, a couple of them. But I won't describe them in even the most cryptic terms here. Well, OK, one is a guy in his late twenties who wants me to be his Mrs. Robinson.

5. Is there someone in your SL that makes you smile whenever you notice their name on your friends list, even if they're not online?


6. Do you let people map you? Do others let you map them?

No, not anymore. I did for a while with Sparky, but we found it best to just talk and TP each other if we wanted to be together.

7. If we found out tomorrow that SL was closing, do you think you'd still remain in contact with your friends?

Some, yes. I have email and MSN contact--and phone numbers in a few cases--for most of the key people in my SLife. With a few others I might send them that information in world so we could keep in touch, hoping they log in before SL disappears. But I don't even want to
think about the possibility of SL closing!

OK, I hate it when people tag me for this sort of thing; but I
would like to see your answers.


Anonymous said...

I hadn't seen this one before - very interesting meme! And, as they go, this one is definitely towards the less annoying side of the scale, because it asks some really good questions and (in your case, at least) elicits some great answers.

I'm not going to say I will definitely do this one yet, but it's certainly one that I will keep in my back pocket for that rainy day when a topic just isn't suggesting itself to me.

And, FWIW, I enjoyed the post about how your look has evolved, those are always interesting to me. As someone who wrote one of them herself after only 45 days in-world, I don't think they're shallow at all! I'm coming up on my half-rezday, so I thought that would be a great reason to do another one, too...

Garrett Larkham said...

ooops! Here's another meme, Roisin; at least it's less work (other than the tagging part).

1. Pick up the nearest book (of at least 123 pages).
2. Open the book to page 123.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the next three sentences.
5. Tag five people.

PS: Your new look is fabulous, BTW